Family Based Services – HOPE Network

HOPE StaffFamily Based treatment support team delivers service that is child centered, family focused, and family driven. The treatment team offers comprehensive and intensive services to empower the family to care for their “at risk” child/adolescent. The goal is to reduce risk of out of home placement and includes strengthening the family, improving coping skills, and an advocate for the entire family.

After a family has decided to accept family based services, the treatment team initially works with the family focusing on gathering specific information. The team works closely with the family to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, establish goals, a crisis plan and identify safety issues. A family agreement that explains the length of service, confidentiality, treatment team’s and family’s treatment responsibilities and discharge criteria is developed.

During the course of treatment and planning for discharge, the team will assist the family in contacting other community agencies for additional supports and services.

Family Based service is available to consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All clinical staff attend on-going trainings, to complete a three year curriculum for family therapist certification. H.O.P.E Network therapists also attend specialized trainings to meet specific needs of family based consumers in the Fayette County area.

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to learn more about Family Based Services or to make a referral!