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Long Term Structured Care - Crossroads
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Crossroads LTSR provides a home-like atmosphere where individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness can reside while receiving therapeutic treatment. Our treatment approach has an emphasis on recovery oriented therapy. All residents are encouraged to engage in both the operation of the household having the responsibility of daily household chores and in the determination of their own treatment plans and goals.

Our program uses both individual and group approaches in assisting each client to develop interpersonal and practical living skills within the structured residence. LTSR staff assists the residents in establishing and maintaining connections with services and resources both in the mental health system and in the general community to build effective, lasting community support systems.

Service Offering:

Crossroads LTSR facility provides quality residential mental health treatment in a highly structured environment. We strive to better the lives of our residents by providing a comfortable, safe, supportive and therapeutic environment. Our goal is to afford each individual a safe and validating environment in which to work with the staff on building the skills and relationships needed to function successfully as a member of the community. Areas of skill development include symptom and medication management, and participation in activities that promote enhanced daily living, social, and employment skills.

Our recovery oriented treatment approach is multi-faceted. We endeavor to meet essential psychiatric and medical needs, in addition to providing supportive counseling and psycho-educational services as identified by the resident in his/her individualized treatment plan. The objective is to utilize the interactions between individuals, in realistic and normalizing environments, to stabilize the psychiatric crisis, to learn and test interpersonal skills and the skills of daily living, and to begin the process of building healthy support systems in the community. Residents are encouraged to take an active role in the development and evaluation of their own treatment plans, with the support and consultation of staff


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