School Based Outpatient

School Based Outpatient is a community based treatment alternative to traditional outpatient therapy services.

In School Based Outpatient, CRCSI licenses a school as a satellite outpatient facility, thus allowing for services to be billed to Medical Assistance (MA) and other behavioral health care plans (health insurance). CRCSI places a therapist at the schools to meet the mental health treatment needs of students. Individual, family and group therapy are provided while school based therapists maintain the same confidentiality standards of traditional outpatient therapists. Students identified with behavioral health problems such as attention deficits, problematic classroom behaviors, peer interactions, as well as, family relationship, grief and loss and home behavioral problems and drug and alcohol assessment and referral as needed.

Students have access to treatments services during the school day increasing consistency in treatment due to reduction in:

  • Missed appointments
  • Transportation issues
  • Limited parental involvement


Who can receive services?

This service targets students with emotional and/or behavioral needs. School personnel, the student, and/or a family member can make a referral. The Student Assistance Program team at the school will then determine if the student meets the needs for referral for School Based Outpatient Services or other services. School Based Outpatient Services are reimbursed by various public and private medical insurance plans.

To learn more about CRCSI school based services, please call 724-437-0729 and ask to speak with the manager of School Based Services.


Considering School Based Mental Health Outpatient Services

Referral for School Based:

School based services are available to any school aged child, who are identified with behavioral health problems such as attention deficits, problematic classroom behaviors, poor peer interactions and social skills, family relationship issues, grief and loss and emotional concerns.

The goals of school based services include, but are not limited to: assisting and supporting students with classroom behaviors, promoting positive peer and family interactions and to improve positive coping skills, and positive goal setting.

Entrance criteria for school based mental health services include: a teacher, staff, school representative, student, or parent notifying guidance counselor or the principal of the child’s concerns.

School based mental health services include clinical, crisis, case management, school based, and other family support services. School Based Services can be provided once a week and depending on severity of care length is to be determined. Special considerations are made for appropriate classroom times to remove a student from a classroom and based student to student.

Families are encouraged to be actively involved in developing and working toward goals for treatment.

School based mental health outpatient services maintains strict confidentiality regarding family information, treatment and documentation and observes HIPAA regulations, respecting the family’s rights and informing consumers of their responsibilities according to the laws which protect their privacy.

Any questions about the school based mental health service or to make a referral, call 724-437-0729.

Currently school based therapy is offered in the following districts and schools:

Laurel Highlands School District
Hatfield Elementary, Hutchison Elementary, Marshall Elementary, R.W. Clark Elementary, Laurel Highlands Middle School, Laurel Highlands High School

Uniontown School District
A.J. McMullen Middle School, Ben Franklin Elementary-Middle School, Uniontown High School, Lafayette Elementary-Middle School, Menallen Elementary

Fayette County Career and Technical Institute



New schools anticipated throughout the 2015-2016 school year includes:

Uniontown School District
Marclay Elementary, Wharton Elementary

Albert Gallatin School District
North Middle School, South Middle School