Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services Inc. (CRCSI) is one of the larger providers of mental health treatment and support in Western PA.

CRCSI offers over 20 specific and specialized treatment programs and modalities to help individuals address problem behaviors, improve coping and functioning skills and develop positive approaches to life.  Most individuals are familiar with our Outpatient Services, such as individual and group therapy, as well as, evaluation and treatment by our medical staff of 12 Psychiatrists, Certified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. With our new Open Access, no appointment is necessary for someone seeking help immediately. With our new “Just in Time” scheduling system, appointments with a member of our medical team are available within 3 to 5 days of a request. It can take weeks in most counseling practices to schedule an initial appointment and, often, months to see a psychiatrist. Outpatient staff offer a variety of specialized therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Marital therapy, Dual Diagnosis Treatment for those with a substance disorder, Social Skills Development for school aged children, Treatment for Victims of Trauma. These and other treatment options are then adapted to address the specific problem or diagnosis of the individual, such as helping someone suffering from symptoms of depression.Crisis Intervention Services is a critical component of the health care and social support network here in Fayette County. Our team of highly trained Crisis Intervention Specialists are available to support those in a mental health emergency situation in three different manners: 24 hours a day 7 days a week our Crisis Team constitutes the county Crisis Telephone Line at 724- 437-1003. During operation hours at the CRCSI main office at 100 new Salem Road, anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can walk in and be assisted by a Crisis Team member. In addition, our team is dispatched into the community to assist in any crisis situation.

Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services provides care and support

to well over 8000 Fayette County Residents every year. We have a 55 year history of being the mainstay of the local healthcare system as the primary provider of mental health care. We have grown to a 14 million dollar business with 200 employees. We take to heart our motto “We treat each person as if they are family”. With this in mind we feel it is important to be an organization that is well integrated to all strata of the Fayette CountyCommunity: business and industry, education, healthcare, social service, faith based organizations etc. Our goal is to offer immediate and effective help to those in need of mental health support.

As we move forward in an ever changing healthcare environment, we will continue to develop new and innovative treatment and support services. Focus will be shifting to improving and maintaining mental wellness with an emphasis on specialized populations such as military and first responders, children in general but especially younger children and those of transitioning toward adulthood and the elderly. More supports will be offered in the community and access to treatment professionals will be provided via a variety of modalities. With all the good things happening in the Fayette County it is important for Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services to continue to provide quality care and treatment for our residents.

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We offer services in multiple locations in Uniontown and Connellsville.