Coronavirus Update:

Our hours of operation have changed. Find changes for each location here.Chestnut Ridge is open and seeing their scheduled clients. In order to protect both you and our other clients from any unnecessary risk, CRCSI is asking that all clients limit the people accompanying them to their appointments to those necessary for your treatment. If you need to set up an appointment please call us at 724-437-0729.  We strongly suggest that you consider scheduling a therapy or medical appointment using out telehealth options.  IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS, CALL OUR CRISIS TEAM AT 724-437-1003. We are committed to helping you through these times.
As the Coronoavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has evolved in recent weeks, uncertainty and anxiety have spread with it.  Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services understands that this time of uncertainty can have an impact on your mental and emotional health.  We will continue our efforts to support you as you pursue your treatment and recovery.  We encourage your own efforts to keep yourself both physically and mentally healthy by:

  • Making time for self-care and relaxation on a daily basis
  • Maintaining healthy eating and sleep habits
  • Avoiding alcohol and non-prescribed drugs
  • Reaching out to supportive others
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Practicing positive thinking and self-talk
  • Staying informed while limiting the time spent watching the news and social media.

During this time of increased anxiety and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel isolated.  Remember that we’re all in this together – and you are not alone.

If you need to talk to someone or are experiencing a mental health crisis situation please call our 24/7 Crisis Line at (724) 437 – 1003